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Questions we can help you with

Types of Questions we can help you with:

Income Tax and Cash Flow Management

  • I can’t believe how much income tax I pay. Is there another way to organize my investments so I pay less tax? Can I use income-splitting? Is dividend income really better than interest income? (We provide tax preparation services for those clients who are on retainer.) 
  • What are Offshore Trusts? Alter Ego Trusts? Why are they used? Do I need one?

Retirement Planning

  • I had planned to retire at age 58 but now I’m not so sure - can I afford it?
  • I don’t understand how to interpret my pension plan. What do all these choices mean?
  • I’m about to retire and I have to choose between several pension options and integrate this with my RRSP. What is the best way to do this? What is pension maximization? Is it better to buy a RRIF or a Life Annuity?

Investment Allocation

  • Have I invested my money appropriately for my circumstances? 
  • What kinds of investments should I choose? 
  • Are Mutual Funds wise investments? What are Segregated Funds? Is a prescribed annuity the same thing as a GIC? Which is safer?

Risk Management 

  • Do I need life insurance? 
  • I am the sole provider for my family – what sort of protection should I have in place? What if I get sick and can’t work?

Business Planning 

  • I am starting my own business. Should I incorporate? What kind of insurance do I need? Can I pay my spouse and children a salary? Do I need an accountant? 
  • My partner is saying we need a buy-sell agreement for our business. Is this a good idea? How does it work? How do we set it up?

Estate Planning and Trustee Services 

  • My wife has never handled money. Should I set up a trust for her? What are the tax consequences at death and would I have to use a trust company? (Trustee and/or Executor’s services on request.)
  • I have reached the stage where I think I have all the capital I need. How can I protect myself from taxation on the future growth, and what is the best way to pass on my estate to my children? Do I still need to keep my life insurance? What is the best type of life insurance?

Most questions encompass several of these areas, so our process must be comprehensive. We provide guidance in specific situations in the form of modular or complete financial plans.

Many questions we answer do not fall clearly into the particular domain of a lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, or stockbroker. The answer often requires consideration from all these sources. This is the overview we provide. We are accustomed to working with our clients’ current advisors to provide the best solution.


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