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Our Fees


"Lenore has been my financial guide for 20 years. Her trusted advice and guidance has enabled me to make the lifestyle changes important to me. My investment, savings and everyday financial considerations are clearly defined and managed by her." - L B, Artist - Pender Island, BC


Our Fees

We clearly define our engagement and provide an estimate so you know what to expect. Each plan is distinct as each client has unique needs and questions. Our project fees range from $2,250- $5,000 with the majority falling in the $2,500-$3,000 range. Each takes two-three months to complete. As mentioned, we agree upon the scope and fee-range, so you can budget accordingly. We can provide time-based advice at a rate of $225/hour.

DDC also offers an annual retainer plan depending on the time commitment we anticipate will be required to meet your needs. Typically this ranges between $3,000 and $3,500 and includes preparation of basic income tax returns and regular consultations on issues relating to your financial well-being.

Some of our clients pay directly for the services of investment counsel firms with whom we have affiliations. To the extent these firms flow a portion of their service fees to Dixon, Davis & Company, we in turn reduce the annual retainer fee charged to the client.


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