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Why Dixon Davis, and Company?


"Dixon, Davis & Company has been providing my family with financial planning advice for several years and we have been very impressed with their knowledge and personalized service. I would recommend DDC highly to anyone seeking a broad range of financial planning advice." - Dr. I, Physician - Victoria, BC


Why DDC?

Fee-only planners are different from fee-based or commissioned advisors. We are paid for our advice and expertise, and do not seek to sell you products. Most financial products are sold on a commission or quota basis, which has the potential to create a conflict of interest.

You should feel free to ask your advisor or planner how they get paid. And be specific – after all, it is your money.

  • Unbiased advice. DDC is a fee-only financial planning firm. Our recommendations focus on strategies and actions that are not linked to the purchase of a specific product. Our advice is based solely on your needs and not our bottom line. 

  • We offer a no-obligation initial meeting, and we’ll tell you if we can’t help you!

  • We are straightforward and realistic so you can rest assured our advice is experienced, appropriate, and honest.


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