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Why Dixon Davis, and Company?


"Lenore has been my financial guide for 20 years. Her trusted advice and guidance has enabled me to make the lifestyle changes important to me. My investment, savings and everyday financial considerations are clearly defined and managed by her." - L B, Artist - Pender Island, BC


Why DDC?

Fee-only planners are different from fee-based or commissioned advisors. We are paid for our advice and expertise, and do not seek to sell you products. Most financial products are sold on a commission or quota basis, which has the potential to create a conflict of interest.

You should feel free to ask your advisor or planner how they get paid. And be specific – after all, it is your money.

  • Unbiased advice. DDC is a fee-only financial planning firm. Our recommendations focus on strategies and actions that are not linked to the purchase of a specific product. Our advice is based solely on your needs and not our bottom line. 

  • We offer a no-obligation initial meeting, and we’ll tell you if we can’t help you!

  • We are straightforward and realistic so you can rest assured our advice is experienced, appropriate, and honest.


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