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"For ten years we have relied on Lenore for financial and tax advice. Her first-rate mind, well-balanced personality and sound judgment gets results! She's saved us buckets of money." - J & A, Educational Consultants - Victoria, BC


We provide a full range of financial solutions to suit a variety of client needs.

Our personally tailored reports range from addressing a specific question to the preparation of a comprehensive financial plan. Recommendations made seek to suggest a financial strategy which, when implemented, will achieve the client’s goals while respecting the individual’s philosophy and ethics.

We offer servces in the following areas:

Most questions encompass several of these areas, so our process must be comprehensive. We provide guidance in specific situations in the form of modular or complete financial plans.

Many questions we answer do not fall clearly into the particular domain of a lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, or stockbroker. The answer often requires consideration from all these sources. This is the overview we provide. We are accustomed to working with our clients’ current advisors to provide the best comprehensive solution.

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